Working hours
Saturday - Thursday

About Al Almuterjim

The Modern Almuterjim Foundation of the Commercial Registry No. 5855339388 is an existing project through which we have contributed to providing our advanced services to the largest possible number of students. Due to the tremendous digital progress that the world is witnessing today, our services are available remotely at any time

Our goal

Our primary goal through this project is to obtain high-quality services at the right time, so we work around the clock to develop all means that make this goal a tangible reality that proceeds continuously and regularly by obtaining the appropriate quality and at the required time.

Our vision

Our vision is to reach the turning point that the Kingdom seeks in the various fields in order to serve the interest of society and keep pace with all modern means that ensure that the citizen has access to the finest and best services in the simplest way, and this is reflected in his individuals and their efficiency.